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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Make a proposal, declare a plan for something.
  2. Drop a hint; intimate by a hint.
  3. Suggest the necessity of an intervention; in medicine.
  4. Call to mind.
  5. Imply as a possibility.
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
建议jiànyìto propose; to suggest; to recommend; proposal; suggestion; recommendation
促成cùchéngto facilitate; to effect
暗示ànshìto hint; to suggest; suggestion; hint
启发qǐfāto enlighten; to explain (a text etc); to stimulate (a mental attitude); enlightenment; revelation; motivation
提议tíyìproposal; suggestion; to propose; to suggest
写意xiěyìto suggest (rather than depict in detail); freehand style of Chinese painting, characterized by bold strokes rather than accurate details; comfortable; enjoyable; relaxed
表态意味biǎotài yìwèito suggest
提倡议tíchàng yìto suggest
倡议chàngyìto suggest; to initiate; proposal; initiative
建白jiànbáito propose; to suggest; to state a view
荐言jiànyánto recommend (in words); to suggest
to comment on; to discuss; to suggest
提出tíchūto raise (an issue); to propose; to put forward; to suggest; to post (on a website); to withdraw (cash)
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