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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Fill or cover completely, usually with water.
  2. Cover completely or make imperceptible.
  3. Put under water.
  4. Sink below the surface; go under or as if under water.
Part of Speech(动) verb, (及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
浸水jìnshuǐsoak in water
陷入xiànrùto sink into; to get caught up in; to land in (a predicament)
淹没yānmòto submerge; to drown; to flood; to drown out (also fig.)
潜入水中qiánrù shuǐzhōngto dive into water
淹灭yānmièto submerge; to flood; to bury
淹盖yāngàito submerge; to flood; to drown out
潜没qiánmòto submerge; to subduct (of tectonic plates)
潜入qiánrùto submerge; to infiltrate; to steal into
chénto submerge; to immerse; to sink; to keep down; to lower; to drop; deep; profound; heavy
湮没yānmòto bury; to submerge; to pass into oblivion; to obliterate; to annihilate (physics)
yānto flood; to submerge; to drown; to irritate the skin (of liquids); to delay
qiánhidden; secret; latent; to hide; to conceal; to submerge; to dive
沦陷lúnxiànto fall into enemy hands; to be occupied; to degenerate; to submerge
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