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(名) As a noun
  1. An effortful attempt to attain a goal.
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勉力miǎnlìto strive; to make an effort; to exert oneself
殚力dānlìto strive; endeavor
争锋zhēngfēngto strive
奋斗fèndòuto strive; to struggle
to exert; to strive
尽力而为jìnlì ér wéito try one's utmost; to strive
努力nǔlìgreat effort; to strive; to try hard
qiǎngto force; to compel; to strive; to make an effort
zhèngto struggle; struggle; to strive
wěnto struggle; struggle; to strive, firm; stable; secure
zhèng(simplified form of U+499B ) to struggle; struggle; to strive
chuài(simplified form of U+499F ) to struggle; struggle; to strive, firm; stable; secure
奋力fènlìto do everything one can; to spare no effort; to strive
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