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(名) As a noun
  1. Any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal.
  2. The act of changing location by raising the foot and setting it down.
  3. A sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance.
  4. Support consisting of a place to rest the foot while ascending or descending a stairway.
  5. A solid block joined to the beams in which the heel of a ship's mast or capstan is fixed.
  6. A mark of a foot or shoe on a surface.
  7. A musical interval of two semitones.
  8. The sound of a step of someone walking.
  9. The distance covered by a step.
  10. A short distance.
  11. Relative position in a graded series.
(动) As a verb
  1. Move or proceed as if by steps into a new situation.
  2. Measure (distances) by pacing.
  3. Place (a ship's mast) in its step.
  4. Shift or move by taking a step.
  5. Put down or press the foot, place the foot.
  6. Walk a short distance to a specified place or in a specified manner.
  7. Move with one's feet in a specific manner.
  8. Furnish with steps.
  9. Treat badly.
  10. Cause (a computer) to execute a single command.
Part of Speech(名) noun, (动) verb
Matching Results
步骤bùzhòu, bùzòu (Tw)procedure; step
a step; a pace; walk; march; stages in a process; situation; (Chinese surname)
脚步声jiǎobù shēngsound of footsteps
步伐bùfápace; (measured) step; march
手段shǒuduànmethod; means (of doing something); strategy; trick
等级děngjígrade; rank; status
see 踏实
to tread; to stamp; to step on; to press a pedal; to investigate on the spot
跨步kuàbùto take a (striding) step
𧽸juéto step, jump
to step; walk reverently
gāistep; terrace
跺脚duòjiǎoto step
一步yībù(single) step
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