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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. A strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose.
  2. The system of five horizontal lines on which the musical notes are written.
  3. A rod carried as a symbol.
  4. The body of teachers and administrators at a school.
  5. Personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task.
  6. Building material consisting of plaster and hair; used to cover external surfaces of temporary structure (as at an exposition) or for decoration.
(动) As a verb
  1. Provide with staff.
  2. Serve on the staff of.
Part of Speech(名) noun, (动) verb
Matching Results
全体人员quántǐ rényuáncrew
同事tóngshìcolleague; co-worker
棍棒gùnbàngclub; staff; stick
拐杖guǎizhàngcrutches; crutch; walking stick
支柱zhīzhùmainstay; pillar; prop; backbone
五线谱wǔ xiàn pǔ(music) staff; stave
棍杖gùnzhàngstaff; rod
公司职员gōngsī zhíyuánstaff
务工人员wùgōng rényuánstaff
员工yuángōngstaff; personnel; employee
人员rényuánstaff; crew; personnel
标尺biāochǐsurveyor's rod; staff; staff gauge; rear sight
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