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势态shìtàisituation; state
情境qíngjìngsituation; atmosphere
情状qíngzhuàngsituation; circumstances
情势qíngshìsituation; circumstance
局势júshìsituation; state (of affairs)
事态shìtàisituation; existing state of affairs
处境chǔjìngsituation (of a person)
场合chǎnghésituation; occasion; context; setting; location; venue
情形qíngxingcircumstances; situation
kuàngmoreover; situation
态势tàishìposture; situation
地步dìbùcondition; situation; plight; extent; room for action
office; situation; measure word for games: match, set, round, etc.
情景qíngjǐngcircumstances; situation; scene; picture
形势xíngshìcircumstances; situation; terrain
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