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Part of Speech(介) preposition, (连) conjunction, (副) adverb
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既然jìránsince; as; this being the case
以降yǐjiàngsince (some point in the past)
自打zìdǎ(coll.) since
自从zìcóngsince (a time); ever since
以来yǐláisince (a previous event)
打从dǎcóngfrom; (ever) since
既是jìshìis both ...(and...); since; as; being the case that
兹因zīyīn(formal) whereas; since
already; since; both... (and...)
cóngfrom; since; via; passing through; through (a gap); past; ever (followed by negative, meaning never); (formerly pr. [zong4] and related to ) to follow; to comply with; to obey; to join; to engage in; adopting some mode of action or attitude; follower; retainer; accessory; accomplice; related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor; (Chinese surname)
self; oneself; from; since; naturally; surely
由于yóuyúdue to; as a result of; thanks to; owing to; since; because
to beat; to strike; to hit; to break; to type; to mix up; to build; to fight; to fetch; to make; to tie up; to issue; to shoot; to calculate; to play (a game); since; from
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