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English Definition
(副) As an adverb
  1. Simply.
  2. Simply.
  3. Simply.
  4. Absolutely.
Part of Speech(副) adverb
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简单地jiǎndān debriefly; simply
简单jiǎndānsimple; not complicated
简直jiǎnzhísimply; at all; practically
完全wánquáncomplete; whole; totally; entirely
仅仅jǐnjǐnbarely; only; merely; only (this and nothing more)
只不过zhǐ bùguòonly; merely; nothing but; no more than
活活huóhuówhile still alive; simply; totally
硬是yìngshìjust; simply; stubbornly; really
索性suǒxìngyou might as well (do it); simply; just
只是zhǐshìmerely; simply; only; but
压根yàgēnfrom the start; absolutely; entirely; simply
只管zhǐguǎnsolely engrossed in one thing; just (one thing, no need to worry about the rest); simply; by all means; please feel free; do not hesitate (to ask for something)
干脆gāncuìstraightforward; clear-cut; blunt (e.g. statement); you might as well; simply
根本gēnběnfundamental; basic; root; simply; absolutely (not); (not) at all
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