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Part of Speech(动) verb
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jiànggeneral; commander-in-chief (military); king (chess piece); to command; to lead
jiāngwill; shall; to use; to take; to checkmate; just a short while ago; (introduces object of main verb, used in the same way as )
万一wànyījust in case; if by any chance; contingency; eleven thousand
竟然jìngránunexpectedly; to one's surprise; in spite of everything; in that crazy way; actually; to go as far as to
应当yīngdāngshould; ought to
应该yīnggāiought to; should; must
jiùat once; right away; only; just (emphasis); as early as; already; as soon as; then; in that case; as many as; even if; to approach; to move towards; to undertake; to engage in; to suffer; subjected to; to accomplish; to take advantage of; to go with (of foods); with regard to; concerning
gāishould; ought to; probably; must be; to deserve; to owe; to be somebody's turn to do something; that; the above-mentioned
可能kěnéngmight (happen); can (happen); possible; probable; possibility; probability; maybe; perhaps
也许yěxǔperhaps; maybe
理应lǐyīngshould; ought to
理当lǐdāngshould; ought
该当gāidāngshould; to deserve
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