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意会yìhuìto sense; to grasp intuitively
感官gǎnguānsense; sense organ
正意zhēngyìsense (in DNA)
义项yìxiàngsense (of a word)
察觉chájuéto sense; to perceive; to become aware of; to detect
觉察juécháto sense; to perceive; to come to realize; to be aware
感受gǎnshòuto sense; perception; to feel (through the senses); to experience; a feeling; an impression; an experience
意义yìyìsense; meaning; significance; importance
侦测zhēncèto detect; to sense
感觉到gǎnjué dàoto feel; to sense; to detect; to perceive; to become aware
测知cèzhīto detect; to sense
词意cíyìmeaning of word; sense
情理qínglǐreason; sense
感到gǎndàoto feel; to sense; to have the feeling that; to think that; to move; to affect
wèito speak; to say; to name; to designate; meaning; sense; (Chinese surname)
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