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(名) As a noun
  1. A subdivision of a larger religious group.
  2. A dissenting clique.
Part of Speech(名) noun
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部分bùfenpart; share; section; piece
duànparagraph; section; segment; stage (of a process); measure word for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread, etc.; (Chinese surname)
派系pàixìsect; faction
门派ménpàisect; school (group of followers of a particular doctrine)
zōngschool; sect; purpose; model; ancestor; clan; to take as one's model (in academic or artistic work); measure word for batches, items, cases (medical or legal), reservoirs; (Chinese surname)
门户ménhùdoor; strategic gateway; portal; faction; sect; family status; family; web portal; (old) brothel
méngate; door; gateway; doorway; opening; valve; switch; way to do something; knack; family; house; (religious) sect; school (of thought); class; category; phylum or division (taxonomy); measure word for large guns; measure word for lessons, subjects, branches of technology; (suffix) -gate (i.e. scandal; derived from Watergate); (Chinese surname)
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