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岁时suìshíseason; time of the year
球季qiújìseason (of baseball, football etc)
赛季sàijìseason (sports)
season; the last month of a season; fourth or youngest amongst brothers; measure word for seasonal crop yields; (Chinese surname)
时节shíjiéseason; time
风干fēnggānto air-dry; to season (timber etc); air-dried; air-drying
季前赛jì qián sàipre-season match; season
季度jìdùquarter of a year; season (sports)
季节jìjiétime; season; period
hòuto wait; to inquire after; to watch; season; climate; (old) period of five days
日月rìyuèthe sun and moon; day and month; every day and every month; season; life and livelihood
tiáoto harmonize; to reconcile; to blend; to suit well; to season (food); to provoke; to incite
shío'clock; time; when; hour; season; period; (Chinese surname)
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