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(名) As a noun
  1. Someone who is punished for the errors of others.
Part of Speech(名) noun
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替人顶罪者tì rén dǐngzuì zhěscapegoat
替身tìshēnstand-in; substitute; body double; stuntman; scapegoat; fall guy; to stand in for somebody else
代罪羔羊dàizuì gāoyángscapegoat
替死鬼tìsǐ guǐscapegoat; fall guy
替罪羊tìzuì yángscapegoat
替罪羔羊tìzuì gāoyángscapegoat; sacrificial lamb; same as 替罪羊
小媳妇儿xiǎo xífùryoung married woman; scapegoat; young girl engaged to somebody by her parents (idiom)
垫背diànbèito serve as a sacrificial victim; to suffer for somebody else; scapegoat; to share somebody's fate
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