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说上shuōshàngto say; to speak; to talk
大说dàshuōto say
说劝shuōquànto say
说了一下shuō le yīxiàto say
说去shuōqùto say
说下去shuō xiàqùto say
说出去shuōchū qùto say
说话了shuōhuà leto say
gàoto say; to tell; to announce; to report; to denounce; to file a lawsuit; to sue
wèito speak; to say; to name; to designate; meaning; sense; (Chinese surname)
口称kǒuchēngto speak; to say
说道shuōdàoto state; to say (the quoted words)
shuōJapanese variant of to speak; to say
yuēto speak; to say
说话shuōhuàto speak; to say; to talk; to gossip; to tell stories; talk; word
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