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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Fill or meet a want or need.
  2. Make happy or satisfied.
  3. Meet the requirements or expectations of.
Part of Speech(动) verb
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使满意shǐ mǎnyìto make content
满意mǎnyìsatisfied; pleased; to one's satisfaction
满足mǎnzúto satisfy; to meet (the needs of); satisfied; content
符合fúhéin keeping with; in accordance with; tallying with; in line with; to agree with; to accord with; to conform to; to correspond with; to manage; to handle
说服shuìfúto persuade; to convince; to talk somebody over
赔偿péichángto compensate
令人满意lìngrén mǎnyìsatisfying; satisfactory
suìto satisfy; to succeed; then; thereupon; finally; unexpectedly; to proceed; to reach
chōngto fill; to satisfy; to fulfill; to act in place of; substitute; sufficient; full
过过guòguoto enjoy; to satisfy (one's desires etc)
mǎnto fill; full; filled; packed; fully; completely; quite; to reach the limit; to satisfy; satisfied; contented; Manchu ethnic group; abbr. for Manchuria
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