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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. An abundance of material possessions and resources.
Part of Speech(复数) plural noun
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财富cáifùwealth; riches
财产cáichǎnproperty; assets; estate
凯子kǎizi(slang) rich, good-looking guy
富足fùzúrich; plentiful
浓郁nóngyùrich; strong; heavy (fragrance); dense; full-bodied; intense
称钱chènqián(coll.) rich; well-heeled
有钱的yǒuqián derich
rich; abundant; big and strong; vigorous, husky, (same as ) (nasal) polypus
chún(same as ) rich; good; as wine, pure, unmixed; (same as ) beautiful; fine; pretty, net; pure; (same as ) rich wine; strong wine, gentle; gracious; judicious, pure and fair
chún(same as U+7D14 ) beautiful; fine; pretty, net, (same as U+9187 ) rich; good; as wine, pure, unmixed
níngrich; abundance, to eat, to eat without spontaneity; to eat reluctantly
丰盛fēngshèngrich; sumptuous
kuòrich; wide; broad
ráorich; abundant; exuberant; to add for free; to throw in as bonus; to spare; to forgive; despite; although; (Chinese surname)
富有fùyǒurich; full of
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