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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. The social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force.
  2. A form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct.
  3. The proper sphere or extent of your activities.
Part of Speech(名) noun
Matching Results
责任zérènresponsibility; blame; duty
责任心zérèn xīnsense of responsibility
职责zhízéduty; responsibility; obligation
任务rènwumission; assignment; task; duty; role
负担fùdānburden; to bear a burden
职守zhíshǒuduty; responsibility; post
duty; responsibility; to reproach; to blame
事权shìquánposition; authority; responsibility
to carry on one's shoulder or back; burden; responsibility
过错guòcuòmistake; fault; responsibility (for a fault)
担子dànzicarrying pole and the loads on it; burden; task; responsibility
rènto assign; to appoint; to take up a post; office; responsibility; to let; to allow; to give free rein to; no matter (how, what etc); measure word for the number of terms served in office, post, or rank; (Chinese surname)
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