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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Full of or marked by resentment or indignant ill will.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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愤怒fènnùangry; indignant; wrath; ire
愤慨fènkǎito resent; resentment
憎恨zēnghènto detest; hatred
怨恨yuànhènto resent; to harbor a grudge against; to loathe; resentment; rancor
恼怒nǎonùresentful; angry; to enrage somebody
憾恨hànhènresentful; hateful
羞恼xiūnǎoresentful; humiliated and angry
mèn(same as ) resentful; sullen; sulky; anger (especially at injustice) indignant, annoyed; depressed; bored
不满bùmǎnresentful; discontented; dissatisfied
悻悻xìngxìngangry; resentful
愤懑fènmèndepressed; resentful; discontented; indignant; perturbed
zhíenraged; resentful; to hate; to desist
ǎoterrified; scared; nervous, (same as ) regretful; remorseful; resentful
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