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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Reject outright and bluntly.
  2. Force or drive back.
  3. Cause to move back by force or influence.
  4. Be repellent to; cause aversion in.
  5. Fill with distaste.
Part of Speech(动) verb
Matching Results
抵制dǐzhìto resist; to boycott; to refuse (to cooperate); to reject; resistance; refusal
厌恶yànwùto loathe; to hate; disgusted with something
kàngto resist; to fight; to defy; anti-
反抗fǎnkàngto resist; to rebel
击退jītuìto beat back; to repel
推却tuīquèto repel; to decline
打退dǎtuìto beat back; to repel; to repulse
zèngto give as a present; to repel; to bestow an honorary title after death (old)
to resist; to repel; to refuse
赶跑gǎnpǎoto drive away; to force out; to repel
king; monarch; to enlist; to repel; to avoid
排斥páichìto reject; to exclude; to eliminate; to remove; to repel
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