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规程guīchéngrules; regulations
规章guīzhāngrule; regulation
守则shǒuzérules; regulations
条例tiáolìregulations; rules; code of conduct; ordinances; statutes
guī(standard form of ) regulations; laws; rules; customs or usages, a pair of compasses
彝宪yíxiànlaws; regulations; rules
章程zhāngchéngrules; regulations; constitution; statute; articles of association (of company); articles of incorporation; charter (of a corporation); by-laws
规则guīzérule; regulation; rules and regulations
chéngrule; order; regulations; formula; journey; procedure; sequence; (Chinese surname)
制式zhìshìstandardized; standard (service, method etc); regulation (clothing etc); formulaic; (telecommunications etc) system; format (e.g. the PAL or NTSC systems for TV signals)
carpenter's square; rule; regulation; pattern; to carve
guīcompass; a rule; regulation; to admonish; to plan; to scheme
xiánto learn, habit; practice, ways of doing things, law; regulations
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