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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. The act of making a record (especially an audio record).
  2. A signal that encodes something (e.g., picture or sound) that has been recorded.
  3. A storage device on which information (sounds or images) have been recorded.
Part of Speech(名) noun
Matching Results
记录jìlùto record; record (written account); note-taker; record (in sports etc)
灌录guànlùto record (audio)
著录zhùlùto record; to put down in writing
zhìto record; to write a footnote
录制lùzhìto record (video or audio)
录好lùhǎoto record
录下来lù xiàlaito record (sound); to take down (minutes)
记录下jìlù xiàto record
实录shílùrecord; transcript
to record; to note; to memorize; to remember; mark; sign; measure word for blows, kicks, shots
录音lùyīnto record (sound); sound recording
歌碟gēdiédisc; record (music)
登载dēngzǎito publish (in newspapers or magazines); to record (bookkeeping entries)
记事jìshìto keep a record of events; record; to start to form memories (after one's infancy)
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