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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Marked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences.
  2. Characterized by careless unconcern.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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不注意bù zhùyìthoughtless; not pay attention to
大意dàyìgeneral idea; main idea
卤莽lǔmǎngvariant of 魯莽
不顾一切bùgù yīqièreckless; regardless of everything
胆大包天dǎndà bāo tiānreckless; extremely daring
xiáreckless; unrestrained; without limit (said of speech; words, etc.), hard to tell
hóureckless; unrestrained; without limit (said of speech; words, etc.)
放诞fàngdànuntrammeled; reckless; wanton
满不在乎mǎn bùzàihunot in the least concerned (idiom); reckless; couldn't give a damn about it; unperturbed; couldn't care less; harum scarum
胡天胡帝hútiān hú dìwith all the majesty of an emperor (idiom); reckless; intemperate
non-Han people, esp. from central Asia; reckless; outrageous; what?; why?; to complete a winning hand at mahjong (also written ); (Chinese surname)
胡乱húluàncareless; reckless; casually; absent-mindedly; at will; at random; any old how
恣意zìyìwithout restraint; unbridled; reckless
愣头愣脑lèng tóu lèng nǎorash; impetuous; reckless
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