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'riːzə nə bəl
English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Not excessive or extreme.
  2. Marked by sound judgment.
  3. Showing reason or sound judgment.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
合理的hélǐ dereasonable
合理hélǐrational; reasonable; fair
有道理yǒu dàolito make sense; reasonable
通情达理tōng qíng dá lǐfair and reasonable (idiom); sensible; standing to reason
公道gōngdaofair; equitable
公道gōngdàojustice; fairness; public highway
在理zàilǐreasonable; sensible
明达míngdáreasonable; of good judgement
明达事理míngdá shìlǐreasonable; sensible
有原因的yǒu yuányīn dereasonable
有理yǒulǐreasonable; justified; right; (math.) rational
正当zhèngdànghonest; reasonable; fair; sensible; legit; legitimate; genuine; legal
靠谱kàopǔreliable; reasonable; probable
明理mínglǐsensible; reasonable; an obvious reason, truth or fact; to understand the reason or reasoning
适中shìzhōngmoderate; reasonable; conveniently situated
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