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English Definition
(副) As an adverb
  1. Rather.
  2. Rather.
  3. Rather.
  4. Rather.
Part of Speech(副) adverb
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相当xiāngdāngequivalent to; appropriate; considerably; to a certain extent; fairly; quite
, (Tw)rather; quite; considerably; oblique; inclined; slanting; (Chinese surname)
有点yǒudiǎna little
宁愿nìngyuàn, níngyuàn (Tw)would rather; better
相反地xiāngfǎn decontra
相反xiāngfǎnopposite; contrary
颇具pōjùrather; quite; to have much
颇为pōwéirather; quite
怪…的guài … de(coll.) rather; very
有一些yǒu yīxiēsomewhat; rather; some
着呢zhenecomes at the end of the sentence to indicate a strong degree; quite; rather
较比jiàobǐcomparatively (colloquial); fairly; quite; rather; relatively
未免wèimiǎnunavoidably; can't help; really; rather
guàibewildering; odd; strange; uncanny; devil; monster; to wonder at; to blame; quite; rather
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