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问题wèntíquestion; problem; issue; topic
疑问句yíwèn jùquestion (grammar); interrogative sentence
发问fāwènto question; to ask; to raise a question
质问zhìwènto question; to ask questions; to inquire; to bring to account; to interrogate
质询zhìxúnto question; to enquire; interrogatory
xùnto question; to ask; to interrogate; rapid; speedy; fast; news; information
提问tíwènto question; to quiz; to grill
疑问yíwènquestion; interrogation; doubt
盘查páncháto interrogate; to question (at a roadblock)
to interrogate; to question
题序tíxùto compose a preface (or introductory remarks, etc); question (or section) order (on an exam paper); question (or section) number
质疑zhìyí, zhíyí (Tw)to call into question; to question (truth or validity)
审问shěnwènto interrogate; to examine; to question
xùn(same as ancient form of ) to ask; to inquire; to question, information; news
zhì, zhí (Tw)character; nature; quality; plain; to question
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