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(形) As an adjective
  1. Formally made public.
  2. Prepared and printed for distribution and sale.
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刊载kānzǎito publish
印发yìnfāto publish; to print and distribute
揭载jiēzǎito publish
登出来dēngchū láito publish; to appear (in print)
登载dēngzǎito publish (in newspapers or magazines); to record (bookkeeping entries)
发刊fākānto publish; to put out (a document)
出版发行chūbǎn fāxíngto publish
核发héfāto publish
出刊chūkānto publish
刊发kānfāto publish
发行fāxíngto publish; to issue (stocks, currency etc); to release; to distribute (a film)
出版chūbǎnto publish; to come off the press; to put out
kānto print; to publish; publication; periodical; to peel with a knife; to carve; to amend
印行yìnxíngto print and distribute; to publish
登出dēngchūto log out (computer); to publish; to be published; to appear (in a newspaper etc)
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