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English Definition
(副) As an adverb
  1. Probably.
  2. Easy to believe on the basis of available evidence.
Part of Speech(副) adverb
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可能kěnéngmight (happen); can (happen); possible; probable; possibility; probability; maybe; perhaps
大概dàgàiroughly; probably; rough; approximate; about; general idea
或许huòxǔperhaps; maybe
横是héngshiprobably; most likely
莫不是mòbù shìprobably; perhaps; could it be that...?
kǒng(same as ) fear; dread; fright; scare, (with reference to an unpleasant fact) probably; perhaps; maybe; possible; to threaten; to blackmail
想必xiǎngbìpresumably; probably; in all likelihood; surely
大约dàyuēapproximately; probably
依稀yīxīvaguely; dimly; probably; very likely
光景guāngjǐngcircumstances; scene; about; probably
容或rónghuòperhaps; maybe; probably
有可能yǒu kěnéngpossible; probable; possibly; probably; may; might
dàidangerous; perilous; to endanger; almost; probably; only
huò(same as ) a certain; some, perhaps; probably; maybe, or
大半dàbànmore than half; greater part; most; probably; most likely
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