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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Not derived from or reducible to something else; basic.
  2. Of primary importance.
  3. Most important element.
  4. Of first rank or importance or value; direct and immediate rather than secondary.
  5. Of or being the essential or basic part.
(名) As a noun
  1. A preliminary election where delegates or nominees are chosen.
  2. One of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing.
  3. Coil forming the part of an electrical circuit such that changing current in it induces a current in a neighboring circuit.
  4. A celestial body (especially a star) relative to other objects in orbit around it.
Part of Speech(形) adjective, (名) noun
Matching Results
原色yuánsèprimary color
主要zhǔyàomain; principal; major; primary
初期chūqī, chūqí (Tw)initial stage; beginning period
根本gēnběnfundamental; basic; root; simply; absolutely (not); (not) at all
原始yuánshǐfirst; original; primitive; original (document etc)
首要shǒuyàothe most important; of chief importance
基本jīběnbasic; fundamental; main; elementary
浅析qiǎnxīprimary, elementary or coarse analysis
原生yuánshēngoriginal; primary; native; indigenous; proto-; stock (firmware)
初级chūjíjunior; primary; entry level
最初zuìchūfirst; primary; initial; original; at first; initially; originally
初生chūshēngnewborn; nascent; primary (biology)
yuánformer; original; primary; raw; level; cause; source; Hara (Japanese surname)
第一dìyīfirst; number one; primary
yuáncurrency unit (esp. Chinese yuan); first; original; primary; fundamental; constituent; part; era (of a reign); (math.) argument; variable; (Tw) (geology) eon; (Chinese surname); the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368)
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