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企划qǐhuàto plan; to lay out; to design
措办cuòbànto plan; to administer
擘划bòhuàto plan; to arrange
yóuto plan; to scheme
缪巧miùqiǎoplan; scheme; intelligent; quick witted
plan; to practice
运筹yùnchóuto plan; operations; logistics
策划案cèhuà ànplan
规划案guīhuà ànplan
计划下jìhuà xiàto plan
计划好jìhuà hǎoto plan
móuto plan; to seek; scheme
lüèplan; strategy; outline; summary; slightly; rather; to rob; to plunder; to summarize; to omit
方案fāng'ànplan; program (for action etc); proposal; proposed bill
主意zhǔyi, zhǔyìplan; idea; decision; Beijing pr. [zhu2 yi5]
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