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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Annoy persistently.
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
烦恼fánnǎoto be worried; to be distressed; worries
纠缠jiūchánto be in a tangle; to nag
磨烦mòfanto pester; to bother somebody incessantly; to delay; to prevaricate
胡缠húchánto pester; to involve somebody unreasonably
蛮缠mánchánto pester; to bother endlessly
麻缠máchánto pester
胡搅hújiǎoto disturb; to pester
骚搅sāojiǎoto disturb; to pester
蘑菇mógumushroom; to pester; to dawdle
厮缠sīchánto tangle with; to get involved; to pester
磨蹭mócengto gently stroke; to brush lightly; to move slowly; to dawdle; to dillydally; to pester; to nag
chánto wind around; to wrap round; to coil; tangle; to involve; to bother; to annoy; to pester
缠绕chánràotwisting; to twine; to wind; to pester; to bother
to rub; to grind; to polish; to sharpen; to wear down; to die out; to waste time; to pester; to insist
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