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途径tújìngway; channel
通行tōngxíngto go through; a passage through; in general use; a pass or laissez-passer; a license (to a computer account)
经过jīngguòto pass; to go through; process; course
消逝xiāoshìto fade away
zhuànbiography; historical narrative; commentaries; relay station
chuánto pass on; to spread; to transmit; to infect; to transfer; to circulate; to conduct (electricity)
传球chuánqiúpass (in soccer); to feed (ball)
lánto pass; to step over; to creep; to twine round
关口guānkǒupass; gateway; (fig.) juncture
àipass; defile; narrow; confined; in distress
派司pàisīto pass
年满niánmǎnto pass
原则通过yuánzé tōngguòto pass
获得通过huòdé tōngguòto pass
càngto pass; to pass through or by
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