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所生suǒshēngparents (father and mother)
父母亲fùmǔ qīnparents
爹娘diēniáng(dialect) parents
家长们jiāzhǎng menparents
父母们fùmǔ menparents
qīnparent; one's own (flesh and blood); relative; related; marriage; bride; close; intimate; in person; first-hand; in favor of; pro-; to kiss; (Internet slang) dear
relative; parent; grief; sorrow; battle-axe; (Chinese surname)
二老èrlǎomother and father; parents
母体mǔtǐ(zoology, medicine) mother's body; (chemistry etc) parent; matrix; (statistics) population; parent population
父母fùmǔfather and mother; parents
lìnto love; intimate; near to; dear; parents; relatives, to see; to look at; to observe
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