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其他的qítā deother
其他qítāother; (something or somebody) else; the rest
lìngother; another; separate; separately
其它qítāother; the others; else; other than it; in addition to the thing mentioned above
different; other; hetero-; unusual; strange; surprising; to distinguish; to separate; to discriminate
别人biérenother people; others; other person
别的biédeelse; other
pángbeside; one side; other; side; self; the right-hand side of split Chinese character, often the phonetic
另外lìngwàiadditional; in addition; besides; separate; other; moreover; furthermore
biéto leave; to depart; to separate; to distinguish; to classify; other; another; do not; must not; to pin; to stick (something) in; (Chinese surname)
he or him; (used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant); (used before somebody's name for emphasis); (used as a meaningless mock object); other; another
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