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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. The activity of operating something (a machine or business etc.).
  2. A planned activity involving many people performing various actions.
  3. A process or series of acts especially of a practical or mechanical nature involved in a particular form of work.
  4. A medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body.
  5. Calculation by mathematical methods.
  6. Activity by a military or naval force (as a maneuver or campaign).
  7. A business especially one run on a large scale.
  8. The performance of some composite cognitive activity; an operation that affects mental contents.
  9. Data processing in which the result is completely specified by a rule (especially the processing that results from a single instruction).
  10. Process or manner of functioning or operating.
  11. The state of being in effect or being operative.
Part of Speech(名) noun
Matching Results
运转yùnzhuǎnto work; to operate; to revolve; to turn around
运作yùnzuòto operate; operations; workings; activities (usu. of an organization); thread (computing)
工作gōngzuòto work; (of a machine) to operate; job; work; task
生效shēngxiàoto take effect; to go into effect
手术shǒushù(surgical) operation; surgery
开刀kāidāo(of a surgeon) to perform an operation; (of a patient) to have an operation; to decapitate; to behead; to single out as a point of attack
军事行动jūnshì xíngdòngmilitary operation
作战zuòzhàncombat; to fight
手朮shǒushù(medical) operation
运算yùnsuàn(mathematical) operation
行动xíngdòngoperation; action; to move; mobile
营运yíngyùnrunning; operation (of airport, bus service, business etc)
作业zuòyèschool assignment; homework; work; task; operation; to operate
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