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Part of Speech(代) pronoun
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自己zìjǐoneself; one's own
亲自qīnzìpersonally; in person; oneself
自个儿zì gèr(dialect) oneself; by oneself
自家zìjiāoneself; one's own family
暗自地ànzì deto oneself
单独地dāndú deto oneself
self; oneself; sixth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干; sixth in order; letter "F" or roman "VI" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III", etc.; hexa
暗自ànzìinwardly; to oneself; secretly
gōngbody; oneself; personally; to bow
亲身qīnshēnpersonal; oneself
自身zìshēnitself; oneself; one's own
self; oneself; from; since; naturally; surely
shēnbody; life; oneself; personally; one's morality and conduct; the main part of a structure or body; pregnant; measure word for sets of clothes: suit, twinset; Kangxi radical 158
本人běnrénthe person himself; I (humble form used in speeches); oneself; myself; in person; personal
个人gèrénindividual; personal; oneself
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