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目标mùbiāotarget; goal; objective
对象duìxiàngtarget; object; partner; boyfriend; girlfriend
受事shòushìobject (of a transitive verb); to receive a task
受词shòucíobject (linguistics)
客体kètǐobject (philosophy)
宾语bīnyǔobject (grammar)
物体wùtǐobject; body; substance
不以为然bù yǐwéi ránnot to accept as correct (idiom); to object; to disapprove; to take exception to
提出异议tíchū yìyìto disagree; to object; to differ; to challenge (a statement)
动宾dòngbīnverb; object
thing; object; matter; abbr. for physics 物理
事物shìwùthing; object
器物qìwùimplement; utensil; article; object
bīnvisitor; guest; object (in grammar)
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