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Part of Speech(复数) plural noun
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笔记bǐjìto take down (in writing); notes; a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches
注意zhùyìto take note of; to pay attention to
便签biànqiānnote; memo
按语ànyǔnote; comment
附注fùzhùnote; annotation
音符yīnfú(music) note; phonetic component of a Chinese character; phonetic symbol; phonogram
题解tíjiěnotes; key (to exercises)
录下lùxiàto note
便条biàntiáo(informal) note
jiǎncard; note; letter; old variant of ; abbr. for 柬埔寨, Cambodia
备注bèizhùremark; note
说帖shuōtiěmemorandum; note (i.e. written statement)
看到kàndàosee (that); note
声调shēngdiàotone; note; a tone (on a Chinese syllable)
to record; to note; to memorize; to remember; mark; sign; measure word for blows, kicks, shots
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