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(名) As a noun
  1. A conventional expression of greeting or farewell.
  2. The earliest period.
  3. The time period between dawn and noon.
  4. The first light of day.
Part of Speech(名) noun
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早晨zǎochénearly morning
早上zǎoshangearly morning
初期chūqī, chūqí (Tw)initial stage; beginning period
上半天shàng bàntiānmorning
前半天qián bàntiānmorning; a.m.; first half of the day
前半晌qián bànshǎngmorning; a.m.; first half of the day
前晌qiánshǎng(dialect) morning; forenoon
午前wǔqiánmorning; a.m.
morning; early; long-held; long-cherished
chénmorning; dawn; daybreak
晨间chénjiān(of the) morning
zhāomorning; dawn
头午tóuwǔ(dialect) morning
头半天tóu bàntiānmorning; first half of the day
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