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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Join or combine.
  2. Become one.
  3. Mix together different elements.
Part of Speech(动) verb
Matching Results
合并hébìngto merge; to annex
消失xiāoshīto disappear; to fade away
吞没tūnmòto embezzle; to swallow up; to engulf
打成一片dǎ chéng yīpiànto merge; to integrate; to become as one; to unify together
整并zhěngbìngto merge; to consolidate; consolidation
撤并chèbìngto consolidate; to merge
并吞bìngtūnto swallow up; to annex; to merge
包举bāojǔto summarize; to swallow up; to annex; to merge
会合huìhéto meet; to rendezvous; to merge; to link up; meeting; confluence
归并guībìngto put together; to add; to merge
róngto melt; to thaw; to blend; to merge; to be in harmony
融通róngtōngto circulate; to flow (esp. capital); to intermingle; to merge; to become assimilated
融入róngrùto blend into; to integrate; to assimilate; to merge
bìngand; furthermore; also; together with; (not) at all; simultaneously; to combine; to join; to merge
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