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情事qíngshìcircumstances; facts (of a case); case; feelings; love affair
zàimatter; affair
ào(same as ) a hollow in the ground; a cavity, (same as ) matter; substance, all living creatures, things in general, the affairs of this world, things or matters outside oneself, others, goods, the Tibetan classical text means Buddha
zhímatter, material, substance
事项shìxiàngmatter; item
事宜shìyímatters; arrangements
物质wùzhì, wùzhí (Tw)matter; substance; material; materialistic
shìmatter; thing; item; work; affair
事由shìyóumain content; matter; work; origin of an incident; cause; purpose; subject (of business letter)
物事wùshìaffair; matter; thing; business; articles; goods; materials; thing; stuff; person (derog.)
质料zhìliàomaterial; matter
事情shìqingaffair; matter; thing; business
affair; business; matter; to be engaged in; to attend to; by all means
实物shíwùmaterial object; concrete object; original object; in kind; object for practical use; definite thing; reality; matter (physics)
thing; object; matter; abbr. for physics 物理
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