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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Absolute.
  2. (used of minerals or stone) in its natural state and place; not mined or quarried.
  3. Still in active use.
  4. Still in existence.
  5. True to life; lifelike.
  6. Living.
(名) As a noun
  1. The experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities.
  2. People who are still living.
  3. The financial means whereby one lives.
  4. The condition of living or the state of being alive.
Part of Speech(形) adjective, (名) noun
Matching Results
huóto live; alive; living; work; workmanship
现存xiàncúnextant; existent; in stock
逼真bīzhēnlifelike; true to life; distinctly; clearly
一模一样yī mó yīyàngexactly the same (idiom); carbon copy
生活shēnghuólife; activity; to live; livelihood
住居zhùjūto live; to reside
实况shíkuànglive (e.g. broadcast or recording); what is actually happening; scene; the real situation
zhùto live; to dwell; to stay; to reside; to stop; (suffix indicating firmness, steadiness, or coming to a halt)
栖住qīzhùto dwell; to live
活生生huó shēng shēngreal (people); living (artist); while still alive (e.g. skinned alive)
生息shēngxīto inhabit; to live (in a habitat)
演活了yǎnhuó leto act; to live
chǔto reside; to live; to dwell; to be in; to be situated at; to stay; to get along with; to be in a position of; to deal with; to discipline; to punish
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