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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Lacking zest or vivacity.
  2. Marked by low spirits; showing no enthusiasm.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
倦怠juàndàiworn out; exhausted; dispirited
无精打采wújīng dǎ cǎidispirited and downcast (idiom); listless; in low spirits; washed out
冷漠lěngmòcold and detached towards somebody; lack of regard; indifference; neglect
没精打彩méi jīng dǎ cǎilistless; dispirited; washed out
没精打采méi jīng dǎ cǎilistless; dispirited; washed out; also written 没精打彩
颓萎tuíwěilistless; dispirited
怅惘chàngwǎngdistracted; listless; in low spirits
chǎng, tǎngdisappointed; listless; frightened
wěito entrust; to cast aside; to shift (blame etc); to accumulate; roundabout; winding; dejected; listless; committee member; council; end; actually; certainly; (Chinese surname)
niānto fade; to wither; to wilt; listless
颓丧tuísàngdejected; disheartened; listless
xíngmaltose syrup; molasses; heavy (eyelids); drowsy-eyed; listless; (of dough, candy etc) to soften; to become soft and sticky
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