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Part of Speech(复数) plural noun
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piàolight; airy
浅淡qiǎndànlight (color); pale; vague (feeling)
燃放ránfàngto light; to set off (firecrackers etc)
华灯huádēnglight; decorated lantern
点起diǎnqǐto light
绵绵的miánmián delight
guāng(same as ) light; brightness, glossy; glory; glorious
guànglight; bright; brilliant, clear, intelligent; day dawn
tǎnlight; bright; brilliant, clear, intelligent; day dawn
lànglight; bright; brilliant; clean; clever, to expose to sunlight, to dry something in an opening for ventilation area or a cool place
zhǒulight; bright
shùlight; bright, warm, genial
huànlight; bright, clear, intelligent; clever
light; bright, clear, intelligent; clever
yáng(corrupted form) light; bright, clear
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