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(动) As a verb
  1. Make sense of a language.
  2. Make sense of; assign a meaning to.
  3. Give an interpretation or explanation to.
  4. Restate (words) from one language into another language.
  5. Create an image or likeness of.
  6. Give an interpretation or rendition of.
Part of Speech(动) verb, (不及物的动) intransitive verb
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解释jiěshìexplanation; to explain; to interpret; to resolve
说明shuōmíngto explain; to illustrate; to indicate; to show; to prove; explanation; directions; caption
阐明chǎnmíngto elucidate; to explain clearly; to expound
表演biǎoyǎnplay; show; performance; exhibition; to perform; to act; to demonstrate
翻译fānyìto translate; to interpret; translator; interpreter; translation; interpretation
判读pàndúto interpret; to read and discriminate
诠释quánshìto interpret; to comment and explain; to annotate; to perform (i.e. interpret a theatrical role); to decode; interpretation; annotation
传译chuányìto translate; to interpret
continuous; to interpret; to unravel; to draw silk (old)
训释xùnshìto explain; to interpret; interpretation
to translate; to interpret
通译tōngyì(old) to translate; to interpret; translator; interpreter
(non-classical of ) to split, to rip or break apart, to divide, to separate; to interpret, to explain, to analyze
阐释chǎnshìto explain; to expound; to interpret; elucidation
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