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(形) As an adjective
  1. Showing no care or concern in attitude or action.
  2. Unwilling or refusing to pay heed.
  3. Lacking importance; not mattering one way or the other.
  4. Marked by a lack of interest.
  5. Neither too great nor too little.
  6. Being neither good nor bad.
  7. Characterized by a lack of partiality.
  8. Marked by no especial liking or dislike or preference for one thing over another.
  9. Having only a limited ability to react chemically; chemically inactive.
  10. Fairly poor to not very good.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
不关心bù guānxīndisinterest
冷淡lěngdàncold; indifferent
不感兴趣bù gǎnxìngqùdisinclination
无关紧要wúguān jǐnyàoindifferent; insignificant
不在乎bù zàihunot to care
漠然mòránindifferent; apathetic; cold
平庸píngyōngmediocre; indifferent; commonplace
忘情wàngqíngunmoved; indifferent; unruffled by sentiment
淡漠dànmòapathetic; indifferent; unsympathetic
淡然dànrántranquil and calm; indifferent
无可无不可wúkě wú bùkěneither for nor against something; indifferent
生分shēngfēnestranged; indifferent
无动于衷wú dòng yú zhōngaloof; indifferent; unconcerned
不知痛痒bùzhī tòngyǎngnumb; unfeeling; indifferent; inconsequential
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