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幻景huànjǐngillusion; mirage
幻觉huànjuéillusion; hallucination; figment of one's imagination
掩样法yǎn yàng fǎillusion
梦幻mènghuàndream; illusion; reverie
幻梦huànmèngfantasy; illusion; dream
狂想kuángxiǎngfantasy; illusion; vain dream
错觉cuòjuémisconception; illusion; misperception
梦幻泡影mènghuàn pàoyǐnglit. dreams and visions in a bubble (idiom); fig. the illusory nature of the world in Buddhism; illusion; pipe dream
空幻kōnghuànvanity; empty fantasy; illusion
魔幻móhuànmagical; magic; illusion
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