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idea; meaning; thought; to think; wish; desire; intention; to expect; to anticipate; Italy; Italian; abbr. for 意大利
想头xiǎngtou(coll.) idea; hope
意念yìniànidea; thought
理念lǐniànidea; concept; philosophy; theory
意思yìsiidea; opinion; meaning; wish; desire; interest; fun; token of appreciation, affection, etc.; to give as a small token; to do something as a gesture of goodwill, etc.
意见yìjiànidea; opinion; suggestion; objection; complaint
lóngthought; idea; sentiment, intention, expectation, meaning
念头niàntouthought; idea; intention
概念gàiniànconcept; idea
主意zhǔyi, zhǔyìplan; idea; decision; Beijing pr. [zhu2 yi5]
心路xīnlùscheme; artifice; tolerance; intention; motive; train of thought; brains; wit; ideas
脑瓜nǎoguāskull; brain; head; mind; mentality; ideas
魂灵húnlíngsoul; mind; idea
构思gòusīto design; to plot; to plan out; to compose; to draw a mental sketch; conception; plan; idea; composition
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