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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. Noisy and unrestrained mischief.
  2. Violent and excited activity.
  3. A cause of difficulty and suffering.
  4. Any place of pain and turmoil.
  5. The world of the dead.
  6. The abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment.
Part of Speech(名) noun, (叹) interjection
Matching Results
地狱dìyùhell; infernal; underworld
苦境kǔjìnggrievance; dire straits
阴间yīnjiānthe nether world; Hades
毁坏huǐhuàito damage; to devastate; to vandalize; damage; destruction
训斥xùnchìto reprimand; to rebuke; to berate; stern criticism
狂饮kuángyǐnto drink hard
飞驰fēichíto speed; to rush
地府dìfǔhell; the nether world; Hades
阴司yīnsīhell; nether world
阴曹yīncáohell; the inferno
冥府míngfǔunderworld; hell
幽冥yōumíngdark; hell; netherworld; hades
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