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(形) As an adjective
  1. Characterized by hard work and perseverance.
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苦干kǔgànto work hard
勤俭务实qínjiǎn wùshíhardworking, thrifty and pragmatic
勤俭朴实qínjiǎn pǔshíhardworking, thrifty, plain, and honest (idiom)
勤俭朴素qínjiǎn pǔsùhardworking, thrifty, plain, and simple (idiom)
勤力qínlìhardworking; diligent
勤苦qínkǔhardworking; assiduous
勤奋qínfènhardworking; diligent
辛勤xīnqínhardworking; industrious
勤劳qínláohardworking; industrious; diligent
刻苦kèkǔhardworking; assiduous
勤快qínkuàidiligent; hardworking
孜孜zīzīdiligent; hardworking; industrious; assiduous
qíndiligent; industrious; hardworking; frequent; regular; constant
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