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to form; to organize; group; team; measure word for sets, series, groups of people, batteries; (Chinese surname)
qúngroup; crowd; flock, herd, pack, etc.
群组qúnzǔgroup; cohort; cluster
到组dàozǔto group
到程式组dào chéngshìzǔto group
一群yīqúngroup; gang; regiment
一帮子yī bāngzigroup
fāngroup; crowd; swarm; a flock, a square of leather, leather wrapped
qún(same as U+7FA3 ) group; multitude; crowd; swarm; a flock
大队dàduìgroup; a large body of; production brigade; military group
团体tuántǐgroup; organization; team
小组xiǎozǔgroup; small team
集团jítuángroup; bloc; corporation; conglomerate
shèsociety; group; club; agency; (old) god of the land
派别pàibiédenomination; group; school; faction; school of thought
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